Saturday, June 12, 2010

Some Specific Diet Changes

I know I said I'd do this post sooner...sorry for the delay.
Here are a few of the specific diet changes I've made over the years:

1) no pork or fish/seafood - Aside from my allergy to pork and lifelong distaste for fish, I also learned that these two meats are highly toxic. Pigs are basically 4-legged garbage disposals. They eat anything and everything. When you eat pork, you essentially eat whatever that pig ate. Not to mention that almost every form of pork is made with lots of preservatives (bacon, ham, sausage, etc.). Fish/seafood often sounds healthy because it has Omega-3 oils, HOWEVER it is also highly toxic. As the ocean becomes more toxic, so do the fish.
One other factor is that both pork and fish contain parasites and you have to cook them at VERY high temperatures to kill the parasites. Almost no one cooks them high enough to kill the parasites because people don't like meat that's "overcooked."
So generally speaking, it's best to avoid these two foods.

2) seldom eat dairy products or yeast - These two foods contribute to fungus growth in the body so it's best not to eat them often, if at all.

3) I rarely eat raw vegies (& fruits unless they're blended) - For some reason my stomach doesn't handle raw food well. I've heard from many sources that raw fruits and vegies is the "ideal" diet. I think for many people this is true. But if you're like me, you might notice a big change in how you feel if you just stop eating raw and switch to cooked vegies instead. (Once I stopped eating salad my stomach improved a lot.)

4) no cold drinks - Along with not eating raw, my doctor told me not to drink cold water. She said I have a "cold" stomach. That means I shouldn't eat raw foods, should drink warm water, and should eat other foods that will "warm" up my stomach. If you can identify whether you have a "warm" or "cold" stomach, it might help a lot.

5) no "nightshade" vegetables - This includes tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, and green pepper I think. These vegies can deplete magnesium in the body. Since magnesium deficiency is a problem I've had for years, I don't eat these vegies, except for once in a while, on special occasions. I definitely noticed a positive change when I stopped eating these foods (especially potatoes and tomato paste/sauce).

Well, I thought there was one more, but I can't remember it for some reason. If it comes back to me I'll add it later. =)
I hope these ideas are helpful to you.
Remember, you ARE what you EAT. Take it seriously.


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