Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Prayer Request

Please pray for my friends Sam & Nathan and their mom, Karen.

They have Environmental Illness, like me, only they are more sick than I am right now (about like I was 2 years ago). They don't have a computer because they are so sensitive to EMF's (Electromagnetic Fields). So we write letters and talk on the phone once in a while.

They live in the mountains of AZ, but the high elevation isn't good for them, so they've been wanting to move to a lower place. This seems like an impossible goal. With their chronic fatigue and extreme sensitivites, it's all they can do just to get through each day, let alone find a safe place to move to, get their van in working order, get all the details in place for a move, etc.

I talked with Karen briefly this week. Things have been rougher than usual lately, and she sounded pretty discouraged.
Because they've been dealing with these health problems for more than 15 years, they don't have a church family or much spiritual encouragement or support at all. My heart just goes out to them!

Sometimes I forget how incredibly blessed I am to have so many wonderful people praying for me, encouraging me, helping me.... I'm trying to be that for this family, but I could definitely use your help.

So, if you will, please take a moment today to pray for Sam, Nathan & Karen.
Pray that God will encourage their hearts and strengthen their faith in Him during this long, ongoing battle.
And please pray for God to divinely heal them, or to lead them to some real help and answers that will bring healing to their bodies.

Thank you so much! It's such a blessing to have this blog and know that people care about those of us with E.I. And it's an even greater blessing to be part of the Family of God! =)

Your sister in Christ,

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