Wednesday, September 21, 2011

His Promise Never Fails

Today I want to tell you a story. (It may sound a little like one of those children's books where one event builds on another until you reach the big ending. I always liked those....) As crazy as this story probably sounds, it's true.

There once was a girl who had Environmental Illness. She worked very hard to get better. She even called herself the "Super-E.I.-Girl." But sometimes she got discouraged.

One day she smelled paint fumes coming into the house. She stayed in her room all day, and the fumes finally went away.

She was glad it was over. Until she realized that the paint fumes had gotten into her clean laundry.

Her mom washed the laundry again. But before Super-E.I.-Girl checked if the laundry was ok, the monthly pesticide spraying happened in her neighborhood.

Because of the monthly pesticide spraying, her mom could not do any laundry for at least 4 days. When Super-E.I.-Girl tried to use the clean laundry, she got sick.

Since she couldn't use her clean laundry, she had to sleep on the same sheet for over a week. (She normally put on clean sheets every 3-4 days because of the toxins they accumulated.)

Sleeping on a toxic sheet started to make Super-E.I.-Girl feel worse. She got upset with God. Why had He allowed the paint smell to happen right before the pesticide spraying? Why did something as simple as doing laundry have to be a constant battle? She cried and cried, but she didn't feel any better.

Super-E.I.-Girl felt so awful that she finally decided to call her doctor, even though she wasn't scheduled for an appointment for another week. She wrote down all her questions and prepared to get some answers.

To Super-E.I.-Girl's surprise, her doctor told her she had parasites! She'd probably had them for a long time (maybe even more than a year). But those little bugs are so hard to test for, that it was only this one day they finally showed up.

In silence, Super-E.I.-Girl contemplated this news. Slowly, she thought about the past week and realized something.
- If there hadn't been a paint smell, followed by pesticide spraying, she would have had clean laundry.
- If she'd had clean laundry, she wouldn't have felt so awful.
- If she hadn't felt so awful, she wouldn't have called the doctor that day.
- If she hadn't called the doctor that day, who knows how long it would have been until they found the parasite.

Humbly, Super-E.I.-Girl bowed her head and thanked God for the paint smell, and the pesticide spraying, and the toxic sheet, and for feeling so awful, and for her doctor, and for the parasite treatment (which she hoped would make a big difference for her health)!

Most of all she thanked God for His promise in Romans 8:28, that in ALL things God works for the good of those who love Him. And she asked God to help her the next time she had a crisis to remember and to trust, that no matter what, His promise never fails.

The End.

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  1. It's like Corrie Ten Boom having to thank God for the fleas. Joanna, we're still with you and praying for you!