Saturday, October 22, 2011

E.I. Photo Diary

Someone suggested I include more photos on this blog. Sadly, there just
isn't much that's "photo-worthy" in this E.I. life. But I decided I
could give you a little photo-glimpse into how I live. My brief, E.I.
photo diary. =)

- My trusty shoes (made in Brazil) lasted about 7 years! I literally
wore them to death, as you can see, before I finally found a new pair I
wasn't allergic to.

- This is my birthday watermelon! (No cake for me.) It was delicious,
by the way. =)

- I enjoy visiting the beach when I can. I went once a month this past
summer. We always go to the national park beach because there's hardly
anyone there, so I don't have to worry about sunscreen smells or

- This is my humble abode. Totally bare except for essentials - a
mattress and an air purifier. Thank goodness at least I have windows so
I'm not just staring at blank walls all day. =)

- My clean laundry has to air out on the dining room table before I can
wear it. (At least I'm not airing dirty laundry.) =) It's not my mom's
favorite place for leaving laundry, but it's what works the best. (I do
clean off the table and actually eat a meal there every once in a
while, as a special treat for my mom.) =)

- A bright spot in my limited life - my precious nieces & nephews! They
come to visit me in our back yard, since we can't let anyone in our
house. (It's impossible to "de-fragrance" a non-E.I. person completely,
and it's very hard to detoxify the house once a "fragrant" person has
entered.) I usually do okay visiting with people outside for a short
time, thank the Lord. =)

That's the brief tour. I hope it helps you appreciate some of the everyday
things that are easy to take for granted. =)


  1. Oh my with the shoes! Here I thought I was the one who didn't give up on garments easily, but you win! =D

    I am SO glad you get to visit with your nieces and nephews! Sweet times. The beach is going to be even nicer now that the weather is cooling. Yay for needing a sweatshirt!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing!