Saturday, October 29, 2011

Super-Hero Food

Popeye had spinach. Mr. T had milk. For Super-E.I. Girl, the super-food of choice is --- Chocolate!

Yes, after nearly 20 years of being allergic to chocolate, it's now my favorite "super-hero food." =)

Thanks to Dr. Smith's CBT allergy treatment, I'm no longer allergic to chocolate. And thanks to my herbalogist I've discovered it's many benefits.

A few quick facts - chocolate is full of antioxidants, rich in minerals, lowers cholesterol, is good for the heart, and improves mood.
(You can find more details online. See -

According to my dr, chocolate is helpful for detoxifying the liver and boosting immune health.

However, the type of chocolate you eat IS important. Organic, dark chocolate, with little or no sugar, preservatives, or milk ingredients is best.

I get Vivani organic, dark chocolate. It has no soy products and very little sugar (organic cane sugar). There are other healthy brands as well.

I only eat 2-4 small squares of chocolate a day (there are 24 squares in one bar, so it's not much). The healthiest serving size probably varies from person to person. Viewing chocolate as a healthy food - to help your body - not as an indulgence, may help you find the right amount for you. =)

Also, chocolate or cocoa can be used topically for detoxing. At one point, my herbalogist had me put a cocoa/flaxseed oil paste on my neck (for I think 30 minutes). Or sometimes I hold one small square of chocolate on my liver for anywhere from 5-10 minutes. (Dr direction is advised for specific uses.)

No doubt about it, chocolate is a wonderful super-hero food! =) It gives me a little extra energy for exercising, provides quick relief when my adrenals are stressed, and makes me happy that something that tastes so good is also good for me! =)

Well, I better go. I hear a piece of chocolate calling my name....

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