Saturday, February 25, 2012

Coming Back To Life

It's been 7 weeks since I started the Dynamic Neural Retraining System (, and what a journey it's been! I've seen a lot of improvements so far. I'm so happy that God is using this program to bring me back to LIFE! =) 

Here are some pictures of the fun things I've been able to do lately:

I visited a couple from my church. It was so great to see them! I spent about ten minutes in their house and didn't have trouble breathing!!! Praise God! 

Yes, this really is me riding a bike! First time in years! =) 

I've been helping my mom clean out and organize the garage. BIG job! I'm sorry I forgot to take the "before" picture, but trust me, this "after" picture is a big improvement from how it looked before. =) 

We found this great park with amazing trees. I especially liked this one. (I didn't climb the whole thing though, just this little part.) =)

Some other things I've done in the last few weeks:
- mom and I have done two puzzles, so fun!
- I stamped cards for two hours! 
- I drove the car around the neighborhood.
- I went shopping at the Christian bookstore! 
- I ate out at a Greek restaurant.
- I went garage-saling (found some good deals too). =)
- I visited some horses at a local stable. (Next step is to actually ride a horse again!) =)

It's so amazing to be able to do more things again! I keep setting goals of new things to try. It's a process, but I'm SO thankful for the DNRS program, and I'm praising God for the healing He is doing in my body! 

I look forward to continued improvement and to living a fuller life than ever before!  

Thanks for rejoicing with me! =)


  1. I'm praising God with you, Joanna! -- Sharon Goodman

  2. WOW! So happy for you and proud of you for doing the hard work that has made all this possible, with the power and grace of God!

  3. What awesome news! Thankful with you for His goodness to you in these ways ...

  4. Wow, praise God! You look like you're feeling great. -Cohen Ezelle

  5. Great news Joanna! You look great, will keep praying! Raquel

  6. So good to see you getting out and doing things, Joanna. May God continue to strengthen you.
    - Steve I

  7. You are looking so good, Joanna. Great to hear of the progress and better health. Praise the Lord. Did you hear that Donna and PJ's second little girl was born today? Two weeks early, but all is fine.

  8. You are a blessing to many, Joanna. It is so-o good to see you being blessed!

  9. Look at you. Just look at you!

  10. Hi Joanna! Thanks for the message. Your progress and Gods work within you for a recovery brought tears to my eyes! I have prayed earnestly and will continue to do so. Wonderful when one sees the results of Jesus' love. You are indeed blessed and chosen for a very special purpose. :)

  11. Joanna, soooooo happy to hear your great news and see you out and about!

  12. Wow! I actually got tears in my eyes seeing this. Praise God!