Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Make 'em Laugh!

If you're an old movie buff like me, you probably remember the hilarious scene in "Singing In The Rain" where Donald O'Connor sings "Make 'em Laugh!" while performing all kinds of crazy antics. That's one of my favorite comedy scenes of all time! =)

Then this week I was watching Life Today (with James & Betty Robison), and I saw a comedy routine by Chonda Pierce that had me laughing til I cried! My mom heard my riotous laughter and came to see what was happening. I couldn't even speak, I was laughing so hard!
I know different people enjoy various kinds of humor, but if you need a hefty dose of laughter, I'd encourage you to check out this link:

Laughter is good for body and soul. It's a gift God has given us. Let's enjoy it today! =)

Question: What is your favorite comedy scene?

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