Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Extreme Makeover: Health Edition" - Part 2

The first step in my "Extreme Makeover: Health Edition" was to begin an effective detoxing program. For the second step I needed to address the "bugs" in my body. 

You'd be amazed at all the "critters" that can thrive in an unhealthy body. I was able to find and eliminate many of them with the help of two health practitioners:

1) Herbalogist
Using all natural treatments (plants, herbs, & foods used both internally and externally) she helped me:
- finally get rid of a blood parasite I'd had for years!
- detox old strep and sinus infections (I'm still getting rid of a few of those even now)
- heal from damage done by parasites, candida, etc. 

She was able to determine which areas of my body needed help the most and what factors were hindering my recovery. I'm so thankful for her natural treatments that help the body to actually heal! 
(I continue working with her even now, because though natural methods are more gradual, I believe they are also more effective for long-term health.)

If you're interested, she does phone appointments and has reasonable rates. Here's her website:

2) Dr. Smith's CBT treatments 
A friend led us to Dr. Smith in Idaho, and his simple CBT method has been a life-saver for me! Using this treatment I was able to:
- get rid of parasites
- find and eliminate numerous viruses, fungal & bacterial infections that had settled in various organs
- get rid of candida once and for all!

CBT also works well for neutralizing allergies. (I still use this treatment almost every week for various needs.) There's more info on his website: 

Everyone has "bugs," some more than others. One thing I've learned is that often antibiotics and other drugs don't actually heal infections, but instead drive them deeper into the body. I'm so grateful for these natural alternatives that truly help the body to heal and get rid of those unhealthy "bugs"!

(A good probiotic is also vital for fighting the "critters". For more information about probiotics you can read this post.)

Question: What advice do you have for fighting the internal "bugs" naturally?

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