Thursday, August 30, 2012

Non-toxic Woman

I frequently mention my mom on this blog, otherwise known as "Non-toxic Woman" - my trusty sidekick. 

The reality is that she is more like the super-hero - doing feats of greatness, while I am more like the sidekick - cracking the silly jokes. =) 

(Although I was the one who climbed in through the tiny bathroom window the day we got locked out...but otherwise she's had the harder job for most of the last 8 years.)

During her tenure as my full-time caregiver, the amazing Non-Toxic Woman has done the shopping, cooking, laundry, cleaning, massaging, grasshopper killing, cross-country driving, researching, form-filling out, recipe inventing, cheering, encouraging, praying, and so much more! 

I certainly wouldn't be where I am today without her selfless, loving, prayerful and devoted care.

So to Non-toxic Woman - today as you celebrate your 70th birthday, I just want to say again - 
You are my hero! 
I'm so blessed to be your daughter and your friend.
Happy Birthday! =)

My real life super-hero and her sidekick (me). =) 

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