Thursday, October 18, 2012

Not The Only Ones

I know how challenging it is to live with Environmental Illness. For all of you out there who struggle with this illness, my heart goes out to you!

This week though, the Lord graciously reminded me that we are not the only ones who are suffering. 

All over the world, people are hurting. And in some cases, their suffering is much worse than anything we have experienced. 

Specifically I've been thinking about those who are victims of human trafficking. It's hard to believe such evil exists today, but it does. 

Thankfully there are many people who are fighting hard to overcome this evil with good. 

Life Today is a ministry I've appreciated and supported for years. This week on their show you can hear testimonies from some of the amazing people who work with their ministry of Rescue Life. Tuesday's program was especially moving for me. 

Another ministry I recently learned about is Make Way Partners. They help at-risk women and children to prevent them from being trafficked. They also minister to those who have been rescued from slavery. 

I know those of us with E.I. often feel totally limited in our lives, just trying to survive day to day. But we must remember that though we struggle, our lives are not useless. God still has a plan for each of us. He can still display His goodness through us, limited as we are. 

So as you think about others around the world who are suffering, I hope you'll be encouraged that YOU can make a difference for them. 

- You can give--even a few dollars to one of these organizations will help save a life.
- You can pray for these ministries, for the victims, for more people to give, for authorities to justly enforce the laws, etc. 
- You can pass along this information to others who will also give and pray and share these needs with even more people.

Those of us who are familiar with suffering have a compassion many people never experieince. And we can put that compassion into action. No matter how small it seems, what you do DOES make a difference. 

We are not alone in suffering. Let's reach out today and shine a light of goodness into someone else's darkness.

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