Thursday, February 7, 2013

Do you want to get well?

Several years ago when I was still quite ill, we tried doctor after doctor looking for answers. None were able to help me, but we kept searching anyway. Then one doctor actually had the nerve to ask me, "Do you want to get well?" 

If I hadn't been so weak, I might have thrown something soft and squishy at her. We had traveled half-way across the country, were spending thousands of dollars looking for answers, and she dared to ask if I wanted to get well? 

Needless to say we didn't continue with that doctor. My mom tried to comfort me by explaining that there really are people who don't want to get well and this doctor had obviously encountered some of them.

But I just couldn't believe it. How could anyone with chronic illness not want to be well? I didn't understand it then, and I still don't get it now. Doesn't everyone want to be well? 

Ah...perhaps there's the answer. Of course everyone wants to BE well. Don't we all wish we had perfect health, the kind you never even think about, and never have to do anything about? 

But we live in an imperfect world. Perfect health does not exist. At some point, everyone will have to think about their health and either do something about it or suffer the natural consequences of living in a less than perfect world.

So while we all want to BE well, perhaps there are some who don't want to GET well. 

"Getting well" is a process that requires knowledge, consistent effort, continual learning, stepping out of your comfort zone, perseverance, determination, time, patience, assistance, prayer...(I think you get the idea). 

So whether it's because they've lost hope, just don't have the physical energy for it, aren't willing to put in the effort, or some other reason - I can understand that some people might not want to "get" well.

However, having been through my own process of "getting well" for almost the last four years, I feel terribly sad for anyone not willing to pursue it. 

For me "getting well" has been all about experiencing God's healing - in every area of my life! And there is nothing as beautiful as being healed - in any way, large or small. 

There were many times over the last eight years that we prayed and asked God to heal me instantly. And I know He could easily have done so. But looking back I wouldn't trade my "healing process" for anything in the world! 

To watch God take me from where I was - physically near death, emotionally empty, and spiritually drained - and to experience His touch in oh so many different ways, is beyond anything I can put into words! 

Day by day, little by little God has healed and restored me through this very long process of "getting well." 
- I've watched Him deliver me from a medication I had no hope of ever getting off. 
- I've seen the gradual increase in strength and energy that has made life so much more enjoyable.
- I've felt the positive changes in my body as it has healed from old infections and stored toxins.  
- I've experienced God's healing touch in my emotions, freeing me to express joy, love, enthusiasm, and so much more, like I never could before! 
- I've laughed til I cried because it felt so good to see the world from a happy view once again.

I am thankful for the years of physical suffering because through them God was doing a necessary work in my heart. But I'm even MORE thankful for the incredible experience of being healed by God in so many ways. I can't even tell you how beautiful it's been and how sweet it is to truly feel ALIVE once again! 

So wherever you are in your health journey today, I hope you are encouraged by my story. 

- If you're in your own healing process, then you know what I'm talking about. And I rejoice with you in all God is doing in your life! Let us continually declare His praise to others that they might be encouraged as well.

- Perhaps you know someone who doesn't really want to "get" well. Please don't quit praying for them, asking God to give them courage and willingness to follow wherever He leads, to keep doing the hard work necessary to take care of their body, and to one day experience His amazing healing process.

- If, for whatever reason, you've realized maybe you haven't wanted to "get" well, please take heart! No, the process is not easy. It requires a lot, but God is able to provide everything you need to face it. And whatever measure of healing He accomplishes will be SO worth the struggle.

- Or if you're like me and you can't imagine anyone not wanting to get well, but you're not sure where to start in your own situation, this might be a good beginning. Or you can email me and maybe I can help you find some things you can do to begin. 

We often talk about God as the Healer, yet for me, the last few years of "getting well" have been an astounding journey of truly experiencing Him as my Healer. And I look forward to my Healer's ongoing work in me. 

I pray the same for you. 

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