Thursday, February 28, 2013

Many Kindnesses

I will tell of the kindnesses of the LORD,
    the deeds for which He is to be praised,
according to all the LORD has done for us—yes, the many good things
He has done for Israel,
according to His compassion and many kindnesses.
-Isaiah 63:7

I love this verse! 

Whether we're going through deep suffering or just having a rough week, these words offer hope and encouragement. Our God is full of compassion and kindness! 

I know we don't always feel like this is true. The pain of life often obscures the truths we most need to hold onto. 

But I can testify that even during my worst days of suffering, God never failed to show me His kindness in some way. Sometimes I wasn't watching for it and missed it. But later I looked back and saw clearly the evidence of God's compassion and the many ways He demonstrated His kindness to me.   

I want to learn to watch for His acts of kindness and celebrate them day by day, instead of only seeing them in retrospect. So here's a list of some of God's "many kindnesses" to me from the last couple of weeks. =)

Praise God -
*I've gained two pounds in the last two weeks! After years of being underweight, this is a huge answer to prayer! 

*For the first time in years, my hair is not falling out by the handfuls, and it actually feels soft and has almost no tangles! This is quite a miracle considering that I only use an organic shampoo, no conditioner or expensive products. To me it's a fantastic sign that my body is healing because my hair is healthy once again!!!

*Last week I was just wishing for some quality Christian fiction when my sister called and said her church library was closing and giving away all their books! She brought me a big stack of Christian fiction for free! Is that amazing or what? =) 

*(This one is a bit long, but really cool!) 
I've been searching for a new Bible for months, one that is totally "compatible" for me (i.e. not made in China, not a big, heavy Bible, in my preferred version - NIV 1984, etc.) 
I found out this month that the 1984 NIV Bible is no longer being printed. =( I've read this version since I was about 11, so it's the one in my head and heart. But I looked everywhere and couldn't find a copy that would work for me.  
Then I happened to see a sale of 1984 NIV Bibles on I was so excited and called the company to ask where they were printed. Most of them were printed in China, but get this - they still had in stock a nice, compact NIV Bible that was actually printed in 1984 and in the USA!!! 
I told my mom what a miracle it was that that particular Bible had been sitting in a warehouse since 1984, just waiting for me! It still makes me cry just thinking about it. Talk about the kindness of God! =)

Well, there you have it friends - I have told of the many kindnesses of God toward me lately. Praise His name! =)

What about you? How has God shown you His kindness this week?


  1. Thanks for your uplifting blog!
    ~Lin, fellow EI

  2. Lin,
    You're so welcome! I'm thankful God is using the trials I've experienced to help others. I hope and pray you are encouraged today! =)
    God bless,