Monday, April 1, 2013

I Can Cry Happy Tears

For some reason, when I was growing up I hated to cry. When tears threatened, I'd hold them in if I possibly could. 

Then when my health problems started, one of the symptoms I had during an allergic reaction was that I would burst into tears. It was quite infuriating. I knew in my mind it was just an allergic reaction, but I couldn't stop the physical response of crying. My mom was always so sweet and would tell me just to let the tears flow. After all they're good for getting out toxins. =)

After several years, I finally accepted and learned to live with this symptom. Thankfully, as my body has healed and my allergies have drastically improved, I've had much fewer reactions and much less tears.

Then about a year ago, after starting the DNRS brain retraining program, something changed. As I did the brain exercises and learned how to practice positive emotions, suddenly I started crying again - only this time it was from happiness! 

God healed something in my brain and in my emotions, so that now I can cry when I'm filled with joy, overcome with wonder, or feel really happy. And it's wonderful! I don't try to hold the tears back anymore. Instead I'm thankful for the gift of tears as a way that I can express emotions - both negative and positive.

Often when I'm singing a worship song to the Lord and feel the sweetness of His presence, I'll begin to cry. And I just smile through the tears, so glad that at last I Can cry happy tears! =)

Do you ever cry happy tears?

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