Thursday, April 11, 2013

Why Eat Organic?

My mom grew up on a small farm in Missouri. They raised their own chickens, drank fresh milk straight from the cow, grew crops, and harvested and canned produce from their large garden. With plenty of fresh air, sunshine and hard work, it was a very healthy way to grow up.

Today my mom's grandchildren live in a world that is vastly different. Not only have environmental toxins increased exponentially, but almost all of today's food comes in a box, a bag, or plastic wrapping - filled with preservatives and chemicals you can't pronounce. Fruits and vegetables are grown by huge corporations using liberal amounts of pesticide, herbicide, fungicide, and other toxins. Meats and dairy products are the most toxic, containing hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, and much more. This is no longer a healthy world to grow up in.

Thankfully, the pioneer spirit my mom was raised with is still strong in her. She's worked hard to develop a beautiful garden in her backyard. She loves picking fresh brocoli for her grandkids, and showing them how to plant, water, and weed.  

Not many people can grow their own food today, but thankfully there are many people like my mom who work hard to provide healthy food for others. It's called the organic movement.

If you want to eat healthy in today's world, then organic is the way to go. 

Recently I've heard some debating about whether organic food is actually better than "regular" food or not. Considering the facts, I don't see how there could be any doubt.

Organic food (whether from a reputable company or home grown like my mom's garden) is as close as we can get to truly "healthy" food in our current environment. 

Non-organic food is so full of toxins that it's shocking! We must remember that we ARE what we eat. If we continually put toxins in our bodies, then we will certainly reap the negative consequences. 

If you want some specifics about why non-organic food is so unhealthy, check out the following articles:

Non-organic meat has "glue" in it. 
Non-organic meat contains "pink slime".
Non-organic meat comes from animals fed a continuos diet of antibiotics whether they're sick or not.

Meat is probably the most important food to buy organic. However, non-organic produce is also dangerous. It contains pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc, 

EWG's guide to pesticides lists the produce (non-organic) with the most pesticides and the least. If you can't buy all organic produce, then use this guide to help you know which ones to avoid unless you can buy them organic. 

These days you can also buy organic flours, oats, eggs, etc. Most grocery stores now have organic sections with all kinds of options.

I realize that for a few people the cost of organic food truly is not doable. However, for most of us, buying organic is possible if it's a priority. (And if you live a non-toxic lifestyle you're already saving money.) =)

Buying organic food is an investment in your future because it's an investment in your health. 

P.S. I really appreciate Jordan Rubin's excellent article on this topic. I think you'll find it helpful as well.

Do you eat organic food? Why or why not?

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