Thursday, September 26, 2013

Watch Out For GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms)

I often write about how important it is to eat organic food these days. "Regular" food is so full of chemicals, toxins, preservatives, etc, that it presents serious health risks. However, there's another food risk that's becoming more and more common, and that's genetically modified organisms. 

GMO's are a frightening concept - attempting to "improve" God's creation through altering specific genetic details of certain plants (by changing or adding genes). Such mutations pose a serious health risk. 

Three of the main crops that are almost all genetically modified today include soy, corn, and canola (unless the product is specifically labeled as organic and Non-GMO). 

I already avoid these products in my diet, but the reality is that these three crops are included in some form in tons of other products (processed foods, skin & body care products, non-organic meat, etc.). 

And it's not just the plants you eat that are a problem. Unless you eat organic meat, you are consuming GMO's from the animals that were fed these products. "Regular" dairy products also are contaminated, from the cows' unhealthy diet of GMO feeds. 

Frankly this whole movement of GMO is scary. It's already gone way past healthy boundaries, and unknowingly people are reaping the dangerous affects.

Here's a short video by Jordan Rubin on this topic. I so appreciate his willingness to share truth and inspire people to take action to protect our health. 

And here's a good article about the dangers of GMO's based on recent studies.

The regulating agencies (at least in the US) haven't stopped these kinds of things. It's up to us to know what we're eating and to do what we can to protect ourselves and to promote healthy standards.

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