Thursday, January 9, 2014

Dangers of Aspartame

This week my mom was telling me about a news program she saw that was warning of the dangers of aspartame. In spite of the fact that aspartame has been proven to be toxic to humans, it's still legal and used widely. So even if you've heard this warning about aspartame before, I wanted to bring it up again. 

Dr. Mercola has an excellent article that breaks down the three ingredients of aspartame (aspartic acid, phenylalanine & methanol) and the specific ways they poison the body - resulting in many serious conditions including seizures, neurological disorders, brain tumors, depression, cancer, retinal damage, and much more.

If that's not enough, aspartame is also highly addictive and more likely to lead to weight gain - which of course defeats the purpose of consuming so-called "diet" foods and drinks that contain aspartame.

When I read the facts about aspartame it boggles my mind that anyone would willingly put such poison in their body! Yet many people are simply unaware. Aspartame is used in over 6,000 products. If you aren't alert to watch for it, you could be unknowingly consuming it yourself. 

Here's a list of some of the main products aspartame is used in:

diet sodas
chewing gum
flavored water
sugar-free products (like jellos, mixes, etc.)
drink powders
cooking sauces 
and of course, artificial sweeteners like NutraSweet & equal
(you can read more about this list here)

Aspartame is everywhere, and it's not going away any time soon. So PLEASE make a habit of reading every label of food and drinks you consume. Take responsibility for your health. Don't assume that if it's sold in stores it's safe. 

If you're already very careful to avoid aspartame, then please pass this warning along to others. One of the simplest things we can do for our health is to just stop ingesting poisons that are wrongly considered "safe." 

Let's press on toward good health!

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