Thursday, January 2, 2014

Time To Make Some Changes

The start of a new year is a great time to pause and evaluate. 

What have I been doing for my health? 
How well is it working? 
What changes could I make? 

If what you've been doing is working well and you're seeing improvement, then rejoice and keep up the good work! =) 

If what you've been doing isn't working, then maybe consider trying some new things. 

If you know what to do but haven't been doing it, then make a plan to help put your knowledge into action. Remember, start somewhere and do what you can. 

I know setting goals can be tricky with chronic illness. But I do think it's good to consider what positive changes we can possibly make.

I plan to continue with most of what I've been doing (lymphatic massage, detox baths, grounding, exercise, etc.). However, I'm also planning to read a new health book and try a new supplement this month. 

Progress requires knowledge and action. So,  

*What will you do this year to keep learning about health? 
(Here's a good ebook my mom read recently by a man who shares how he overcame chronic illness. Also, HEAL is a great organization with tons of information and a very informative newsletter.)

*Is there anything you can do to further detoxify your home? 
(Perhaps it's time to switch to stainless steel pots & pans and get rid of toxic teflon ones. Or replace dangerous mercury lightbulbs---CFL's--with regular filament ones.)

*What is the most important thing you can do for your health this year?
(Maybe work with a new health consultant, try the DNRS brain retraining program, or finally start practicing a weekly "Sabbath".

*Who can you ask to help motivate and encourage you in your health journey? 
(If you don't have anyone, I'd be happy to pray for you! Just leave a comment or send me an email.)

I love the start of a new year! So many possibilities ahead! I hope and pray this will be a year of much healing and progress for us all. 

Keep fighting the good fight. 

P.S. Since only two people commented on last week's post and Giveaway, I decided to send them both an ebook copy of Grace In Time Of Need. Enjoy! =) 

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