Thursday, May 8, 2014

EI/MCS Awareness Month

Mostly I focus on general health information on this blog. I try to share things I think will be helpful to everyone, regardless of their specific health challenges. But since my particular challenge has been EI (Environmental Illness), I appreciate the opportunity to raise further awareness about it through EI/MCS awareness month in May.

If you're new to this blog, Environmental Illness is basically an umbrella term that includes several different health conditions. These conditions usually result from triggers in the environment (such as chemicals, toxins, mold, etc.), and they also cause greater sensitivity to the environment (allergies, asthma, etc). 

Some of the conditions included in EI:

MCS - Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
FM - Fibromyalgia 
EFS - Electromagnetic Frequency Sensitivity
TOS - Toxic Overload Syndrome
also Toxic Injury and Mold Toxicity

The reality is that every person is affected in some way by the excessive amount of chemicals and toxins in our world today. 

Some people are more vulnerable, for various reasons, and end up with one or more of the conditions above. This is especially true of children and teens now, who more and more are developing unexplained health problems...except it's not really unexplained because the cause is almost always environmental. 

Other people may seem perfectly healthy and not notice immediate problems from all the toxins they're exposed to. But later on in life they end up with heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, etc. These conditions don't just happen randomly. They are a result of something, and often that something can be traced back to toxins, chemicals, mold, radiation, etc.

The reason I share all this is that I really want people to be informed about the state of the world today. It is in general a very toxic, unhealthy place. Good health can no longer be taken for granted. Each person needs to be aware of environmental hazards and take action to protect their health. That's mainly what this blog is about.

Yet even as I try so hard to inform others about toxins and how to find a truly healthy lifestyle, I still meet numerous people who have no idea what I'm talking about. So in this month of raising awareness, will you help me? 

Will you pray about one person who you could share some information with? Will you choose one person, pray for their heart to be receptive, then send them whatever information you think is appropriate for their situation?

Here are links to some of my posts that might be helpful: 

The dangers of carpeting from all the toxins and chemicals it contains (just one example of high toxic levels in everyday products).

Mold toxicity and some things you can do for it.

The dangers of excessive EMF (electromagnetic frequency) exposure and how to minimize your risk with it.

The serious health effects of eating products containing "high fructose corn syrup."

The truth that 40% of cancers are preventable, and the environmental factors that are known to cause cancer.

If you have a specific topic of information you want to share with someone that's not covered here, please email me or leave a question in the comments. I have many other posts on lots of topics, or I can almost always find a helpful resource somewhere else if I haven't covered it here on the blog.

I do hope you'll join me this month in spreading awareness. I'm not as concerned that people know what EI is, as much as I want people to know the risks of living in today's environment and what they can do to stay healthy. 

Thank you for sharing the passion for good health! 

Extra resources:

Some of my friends are hosting 31 days of Ei/MCS awareness in a group on Facebook. If you want to join the group or share any of the information they'll be posting, here's the link:

MCS America has more information and planning kits for the awareness month at their blog here:

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