Thursday, May 1, 2014

Prayer Requests & Praises

I realize it's been a while since I've posted updates on some of my EI friends that you've prayed for in the past. I value your prayer support so much. So here are a few prayer requests, as well as some praises from others who are improving in health, praise God!

Prayer requests -

*S & T - mother and son are still seeking answers for his severe chronic pain. They were at a clinic in FL for several months, then returned home. Now they're at a different clinic. They recently did the genetic testing to see what mutations may be affecting his ability to detox, still awaiting results. 
-Please pray for much grace to endure, for supernatural joy in the Lord, and for some real answers and help to come soon. 

*S & R - mother and daughter have been struggling for years with so many health issues. R is in a very desperate situation - can't eat solid foods, has lost much weight, serious edema, heart attack/episodes, etc. She has an appointment at Mayo Clinic May 12th. 
-Please pray for an earlier appointment if possible, for divine insight for the doctors to know how to help R, for clear thinking for S & R in making decisions, and for God to bring healing! Thank you! 

*A. - dealing with the progressive, debilitating results of Lymes and other challenges. Her faith is strong, but the suffering is intense.
-Please pray for wisdom in all health decisions, for greater awareness and experience of God's love, and that Jesus will be glorified through her suffering.

Let's continue praying for supernatural healing for each of these, as God wills. Also for closer relationships with Jesus. And that God will reveal His goodness in every circumstance. Thank you!

Praises - 

*My brother was diagnosed in March with mono, Lymes, parasites, candida, etc. Since then he's been slowly recovering. The mono and candida are gone, praise God! He's currently addressing the parasites, and thankful for progress.

*A.F. - he was diagnosed with Parkinson's last year and was extremely ill. Since then he's been doing a protocol for mold toxicity and is about 75% better! He still isn't back to full health, but is so grateful for this level of improvement. Thank you Jesus! 

*J. - after years of suffering she has experienced so much healing that she's able to work full time! Though some challenges remain, she's so thankful for all the health she's regained. Praise God!

Thank you again for praying for these dear ones and for rejoicing in the healing God is bringing. I can't explain how He works or why He does certain things, but I know that my heavenly Father is good and wise in all things. That is our hope in every situation. I pray that truth will encourage you today. 


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