Thursday, June 26, 2014

What's Happened To Us?

I was in Wal-Mart recently to pick up some baking soda and vinegar. Earlier that day I'd been watching a video about the decline of American's health and the dangers of sugar. With those thoughts fresh in my mind, I suddenly saw things I hadn't seen before. 

I saw a lot of severely overweight people. (Not just carrying a few extra pounds, but so overweight that it was clearly unhealthy.)
I saw a couple of too-skinny people who looked malnourished and not healthy at all.
I saw huge displays of soda. 
I saw the man in line in front of me buy 5 frozen pizzas and a package of cupcakes. 

And I thought to myself, what has happened to our country? 
When did we exchange real food for "manufactured" food?
When did people stop caring about how they treat their bodies?
When did insanity replace common sense?

It makes me sad to see the epidemic of health problems in our country today. But frankly, it's not surprising. The "standard American diet" is probably the worst there is. It's destroying people every day.

So many people have believed the lies of advertising companies, promoting thousands of products that no one should ever put in their body. In many cases, no one was there to tell them the truth. And now we're seeing the "harvest" of a generation of people raised on man-made food instead of what God created. 

When will it stop?

My mom was raised on a farm. She ate farm fresh veggies, fresh raw milk products, and freshly prepared meats. She is still probably the healthiest person in our family. 

I was raised overseas, so most of what I ate was home-cooked. We only ate a few packaged, convenience foods. We only had sodas on certain occasions. 

But kids today eat almost entirely processed foods, and they're swimming in sodas, fake "juices," super-sweet coffees, energy drinks, and more. 

Who's going to stand up for their heath? Who's going to confront the lies of big companies with the truth of how God created His world to run?

- margarine is not healthier than butter (in fact margarine is very unhealthy!)
- low-fat is not healthier for you
- high fructose corn syrup should never be ingested
- soda is poison, and diet soda is even worse poison
- sugar is destructive
- potato chips are not a vegetable
- pesticides are harmful to humans
...the list goes on an on.

The bottom line is that man cannot "improve" what God made. 

Those who believe the lie that they can eat whatever they want and not have health problems, will be greatly disappointed when they experience the "fruit" of such a lifestyle. 

And just to be clear, I'm not blaming people here. I realize most people don't know better. They're ignorant. But unfortunately, ignorance will not protect them. Satan is out to steal, kill, and destroy. He's worked hard to put a system in place that is slowly stealing health and destroying lives every day.   

Who will stand up to speak the truth once again?

I'm just one person. I can't change the whole food industry. I can't turn back time and teach the last generation how to eat real food. But if by me sharing the truth, even one person takes it seriously and protects their health, then I'll keep on declaring it as long as I can!

You're only one person. But you can teach your children to eat real food. You can tell at least one other person the truth about food today. You can make a difference. 

I pray you will, so that together we can see lives changed and health transformed. 

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