Thursday, July 31, 2014

Truth Is Good For Your Health

I'm sure there are numerous scientific reasons that explain why truth, or the lack of it, affects our physical health. Lie detector tests are a well known example of this. Telling a lie causes physical stress to the body that can be easily measured.

Believing lies also causes harm to the body. But knowing and believing truth promotes health and life.  

I think Jesus said it best when He said: 
Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. -John 8:32

Truth sets us free; lies keep us in bondage. 

The world we live in is full of lies. We have to search for the truth, whether it's truth about the food we eat, or the chemicals in everyday products, or how to best care for our bodies. 

But there's another category of lies that I think affects our health more than anything - lies about who we are and lies about who God is. Believing these kind of lies not only affects our physical health but our whole being. Knowing and believing the truth about who I am and who God is does indeed set us free! 

I encourage you to watch this video with Beth Moore as she lists some common lies about ourselves and God, and then shares the beautiful truth of God's unfailing love and grace for us through Jesus. 

As long as we live on earth, we will be faced with lies in many different forms. Let's continue to pursue truth in all things and help set others free as well! 

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