Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tips For Using The Healing Code

Last week I recommended the healing code as a tool that I've been using lately. I hope you've been able to find a copy of the book and start reading it. 

Once you're ready to begin using the healing code technique, here are some tips that I've learned so far:

*Read the whole book if you can. 
I know it says you can just start with the second part, and that's ok if that's all you can do. But it will be much easier to understand what you're doing and why if you've read the whole book. 

*Start slowly. 
I started by doing the healing code technique once a day. And I didn't even do it every day. For me that was better. If you know your body is very sensitive or your physical condition is fragile, then please go slow and listen to your body. Doing this technique will cause your body to address internal issues that may require more energy than you realize. If you have plenty of energy and feel fine after doing it, then you may want to try doing it 2 or 3 times a day, as the author recommends.

*Be cautious.
Again, if you know your condition is fragile or sensitive, then I recommend not using the last line of the prayer in the book that talks about 'increasing the effectiveness by 100 times or more'. I used this line the first couple of times I did the technique. Then I realized my body took me quite seriously and was putting all its energy into healing that particular issue - with nothing left over for regular daily tasks. After spending a week in bed because of this, I resumed doing the healing code but without using that part of the written prayer.

*Connect the dots.
From what I understand, an important part of this technique is helping your mind/body "connect the dots" of related issues. For example, when I did the healing code for my adrenal function, I connected that with the feeling of utter exhaustion and with a memory of when I felt that way 20 years ago. Another time I did it for being easily frustrated and connected that with feeling like I just didn't have the energy to handle small tasks and also with a memory from 4th grade when I felt that way. 

Since the point of the healing code is to help your cells release stress from the past, this part of connecting present issues with current/past feelings and with past experiences is key. But again, this is just my understanding of it. Feel free to check out the official healing code website and listen to the conference calls to gain more understanding.

*Chose a positive statement that resonates with you.
Once you've connected the dots of your current issue with feelings and a memory, then it's important to chose a positive truth statement that will help counteract those negative things. (The reason you identify these negative issues is so your cells can then release them. Once you've identified them and inserted them in the prayer, then turn your focus completely to your positive truth statement. Don't dwell on the negative issues. You can even picture yourself laying all those issues at Jesus' feet, letting them go and in turn receiving from Him something beautiful and valuable - which is His truth.) 

For me, I've used a different statement each time I've done it. I think that's fine or you can pick one that you want to use for a few times. I believe the truth statement you use will be more powerful if it begins with "I am..." or "I can..." or something in the personal, present sense. I have used various ones, including -
"I am perfectly and completely loved by God." 
"I am not disappointed about anything in my past."
"I am comfortable in my own skin." (That was for when I did it for a skin issue I was having.)

You want to select a statement that you know is true, (even if it doesn't feel true) and that really resonates with you in that moment. Repeating your truth statement while doing the healing code technique is a powerful way to really establish that truth in your mind, heart, and cells.

*Ask God for help and direction.
Each time before I do the healing code, I pray and ask God to guide me in all the steps. Which issue should I address this time? Which memory do I need to connect it with? What statement will be best for me to use this time? etc. 

As you let God God guide you, I think you'll be amazed at the insights He gives you and the changes He makes in your heart and mind.

*Don't be surprised by symptoms.
After doing the healing code for my adrenals, I went through a major detox of chemicals that had apparently been stored in my adrenals (pesticide, herbicide, medications, etc.). After doing the healing code for my skin, I went through another detox of things that had affected my skin many years ago. This is all good! It's evidence that my cells really are releasing past stress, and the toxins that went with it. 

Symptoms may also be mental or emotional, depending on what issue you address with the healing code. I've also experienced severe mental fatigue, and crying more easily for a few days. But again, I believe this is just part of the healing process as your cells release the past stress and get back to normal functioning. Of course, if symptoms persist for a long time, then it's possible there's something else going on...but generally speaking if you have strange symptoms for a few days that then go away, don't worry about it - just rejoice that your body is healing! =) 

*Give thanks!
Gratitude is always a wonderful tool for healing. As you work on using the healing code technique, continue to practice gratitude each day - being grateful for this tool, grateful for how your body is responding and healing, grateful for the truth God gives us for our lives, etc.

Well, that's all for today. If you have any questions please email me or leave them in the comments. And be sure to let me know how things go and what wonderful changes you see. =) 


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