Thursday, November 6, 2014

EI Shopper's Thankful List

Since Thanksgiving is this month, I thought it would be good to list some of the stores/suppliers that I'm very thankful for as I try to live healthy in these challenging times.

So here's my Thankful Shopper's Top Ten list. Maybe it'll help you find some healthier shopping options as well. =)

1) Publix grocery store 
They sell a lot of organic foods now. I can get organic fresh and frozen veggies, organic fruit, healthier eggs, chicken and turkey. They also carry many other good products like organic and gluten-free flours, organic apple cider vinegar, etc. And they have excellent customer service. =)

(If you don't live in the southeast where Publix is, there are probably other similar stores in your area.)

2) Super Target
They carry the grass-fed beef I like to eat (Laura's Lean beef). They also still have the gallon jugs of Heinz brand vinegar. (The other stores quit carrying it for some reason.) I pretty much clean off the vinegar shelf every time I'm in there. =) And they still carry the quality bottled water we drink, and often put it on sale. Hooray! 

3) Our three local health food stores.
We can usually find whatever we need at one of these stores. Sometimes supplements are cheaper with online retailers, but many products we can get on sale or use coupons for at these stores.

There are some franchise health food stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe's, but a lot of cities also have small, independent health food stores that are often even better, with helpful service, local produce, etc.

4) Local Farmer's Market
Ours meets every Monday evening. It's about 40 minutes away, but it's worth it to get organic, raw dairy products and other goodies. 

You can always search online to find a farmer's market in your area.

5) Wal-Mart
I'm so thankful that Wal-Mart still carries 100% cotton clothes, not made in China! I buy most of my clothes here and they often have good sales. They also sell notebooks made in the USA, paper plates with no BPA, and toothbrushes for sensitive teeth, made in Switzerland. 

Of course they still sell a lot of toxic and made in China products. But if you take the time and read labels you can find a lot of useful and inexpensive everyday products.

6) Sam's Club
They carry the 13.5 lb bags of baking soda for less cost than other stores. With how much baking soda we use, we're very thankful for this store. =)

The next three business I've mentioned before several times on this blog.

They have discount supplements, shower filters, cellophane bags (instead of plastic ziploc bags) and more.

They sell the air purifiers and replacement filters we have found to be most helpful for us. They also carry the dennyfoil and aluminum tape, which are indispensable products for keeping the home non-toxic.

They sell organic, 100% cotton fabric, sheets, pillows, clothes, etc. I'm so thankful for this company and their high quality products, so that I can have healthy sleep. 

And last but not least,

Believe it or not, they actually have many good products. If I can't find something locally or with one of the above retailers, I always check amazon. I've found 100% cotton rugs, not made in China. I've found affordable shoes and sunglasses made in Italy. I also buy my special organic chocolate here. They pretty much offer anything you can think of. Of course I prefer to support local businesses, but when necessary, I'm very thankful for Amazon's wide array of products.

Well, that's my thankful shopper's list! =)

Do you have any stores/suppliers you'd like to add?

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