Thursday, December 18, 2014

My Favorite Things

Even though this EI life is so challenging, I've been thinking about the many good gifts God has provided to help me walk this road. So here's a list of some of my favorite helpful and enjoyable things. =) 

*Peppermint oil - This is one of the few essential oils I've been able to use and I LOVE it! I enjoy the smell of it, which is in itself a wonder (since I reacted to any smells for many years, even natural ones). And it's great for so many things - relieving pain, lifting mood, detoxing, etc. My mom and I use it almost every day, so even when it's not Christmas season, our house still smells like Christmas! =) 

*Epsom salts - There's nothing like a foot bath or detox bath in epsom salts to relax you. They're also great for helping with detoxing. 

*EM1 - A friend told us about this unique product and it's been so helpful with our laundry! If our clothes get contaminated with chemicals, mold, etc. we soak them in a small amount of EM1 then wash again, and they come out fresh and clean (or at least much better...sometimes we have to soak them twice if it's a really stubborn chemical). The product information lists many other uses for this as well, though so far we've only used it in laundry.

*Charcoal - You can buy charcoal in capsules or powder. We mostly use the capsules. Charcoal binds with/absorbs many different chemicals and toxins. We keep a bottle of capsules in our car. Then if we go somewhere and get exposed to petroleum products, cigarette smoke, or other toxins, we just hold a few capsules in the right hand for 10 minutes. This helps to counteract the exposure. We also put charcoal tablets in new appliances for 10-20 minutes to help them off-gas. Sometimes I even set charcoal out in my room for 15-20 minutes, if I've been detoxing a lot and my room feels toxic. It's a wonderful tool for trying to live non-toxic. 

*Organic dark chocolate - There are a lot of unhealthy foods that I don't eat, so sometimes it feels like my diet is very limited. But I'm so thankful that organic dark chocolate is actually good for me! =) I usually eat 1 tiny square 2-3 times a day. It gives me a little energy boost and feels like a special treat, all while benefiting my health. Win-win! =) 

*Coconut oil - I use it all the time for cooking, baking, putting on my food, and even as a lotion. I like the flavor. I love the health benefits. And I appreciate having a wonderful multi-purpose product. 

*The beach - We don't get to go as often as we'd like. But when we do go, I love the fresh ocean breezes, walking in the sand, and watching the waves roll in. It's very healing and refreshing. =)

Well, those are some of my favorite things. What about you? What's one of your favorite healthy things?

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