Thursday, January 15, 2015

Finding E.I. Community

Living with chronic health challenges isn't easy, and it can feel very isolating. It helps so much to be able to connect with others who understand. Thankfully there are several different resources that provide community. Here are just a few. Feel free to add any others you know of in the comments.

Environmental Illness Resource - contains lots of health information but also forums and discussion groups. 

MCS Friends - a non-profit organization providing support through conference calls, newsletters, etc. Some of the members are not able to use electronics and the group provides for this as well by using phone calls and snail mail. If you know someone who cannot be online, this group might be a good support for them. There is an annual membership fee.

MCS Meetup Groups - At this link you can look for a "meetup" group of people with MCS or other health challenges, people who want to get together and encourage one another. 
(Note: I haven't personally tried "meetup" groups before, but I have a friend who has and it's been a positive experience for her.) 

Facebook groups - 

There are many health support groups on Facebook. 

"Christians with Environmental Illness" is one I've chosen to be part of. 

There's also a support group for those who have the MTHFR genetic mutation.

There's a Christians with Lyme support group...and others.

I hope these resources are helpful for you. And as always, please feel free to post comments here or email me with questions, thoughts, prayer requests, etc. Whatever our challenges, I know we will be stronger together. 

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