Thursday, January 22, 2015

This Crazy EI Life

I saw some funny posts on facebook lately about the differences between men and women. One was a list of questions that kids ask their mom. It was a long list with all kinds of questions. Then in the next column it had a list of questions kids ask their dad. But there was only one question: "Where's mom?" =)

Another one was about going to bed. Men say, "I'm going to bed." And they go to bed. Women say, "I'm going to bed," and then they tidy the living room, start the dishwasher, lock the doors, turn off the lights, wash off make-up, etc, etc. until they finally go to bed. I had to laugh at this one because my "going to bed" routine is so ridiculous that it even surpasses the busy wife and mom list. It looks something like this:

get detox bath
have snack (to keep blood sugar stable til morning)
take supplements
put baking soda in bedroom for 15 minutes (to absorb any toxins from the day)
put on clean sheets (every day when I'm detoxing a lot)
hold charcoal capsules for 10 minutes (to take the edge off any toxins I'm detoxing so I can sleep)
find pajamas I'm not allergic to
brush & floss teeth
make sure air purifiers are running in different rooms
set heat/air to correct sleeping temperature
turn off wireless box, and any other electronics
make sure I have water to sip in the night
etc, etc,
and eventually turn out lights and go to bed.

As you can see, it seriously takes me two hours to "go to bed." Crazy, I know. But that how this EI life is sometimes. 

My friend and I were talking this week about some of the things we go through, that other people never even think about. She recently bought some shelves for her home, but she had really bad headaches from the formaldehyde they were off-gassing. She finally found some AFM sealant, and two coats later, she could tolerate having the shelves in the house. She was so excited! I laughed and rejoiced with her. I totally understand. 

19 months ago we transported my mom's antique wood table from MO to here. It sat in the garage for months, all covered up (it had mildew & such on it). Then last summer she and my sister sanded it and stained it with a less-toxic stain. Then it went back in the garage. In December we finally moved it into the house. I did ok as long as the doors were open. Once we closed them, it was too much. So we covered up the table with sheets and tablecloths. Now we're gradually airing it out when we can, until eventually we'll take the covers off and use it. Such is this crazy EI life.

Where am I going with all this? 
If you never go through these kinds of things, please rejoice and be thankful! Count your blessings! =) 
If you often experience this EI craziness, just know you're not alone. And that as difficult as it can be at times, it's not the end of the world. Keep persevering. And keep smiling and laughing. A sense of humor will help you stay sane in the midst of all the craziness. =)

Blessings to you today, my friends. 

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