Friday, September 25, 2015

The Ridiculousness...

I apologize that this post is a day late. I actually had it written on Wednesday, then that evening our kitchen drain got clogged and we had another disaster on our hands. I spent the last two days staying away from the house so my mom could use liquid plumber, which didn't work and she had to take the sink apart, and it's still not completely fixed. It's been an ordeal. Just one more thing to add to this crazy, ridiculous month. Anyway, here's the post I originally wrote. Thanks for your prayers for us!

This EI life is never easy. But sometimes it goes past being difficult to just plain ridiculous. The last month or so has been like that for me.

We had the worst pesticide spraying ever in our neighborhood! It contaminated our garage and laundry room and almost everything in our kitchen. My sweet mom spent days scrubbing out kitchen cupboards, soaking our dishes in vinegar, washing the walls, mopping the floor, etc. We had to throw out some organic food that got contaminated. I used the same 5 dishes (that didn't get contaminated, praise God) for days. We're still not quite finished putting things back to "normal" in the kitchen.

Not only that, but since the laundry room was full of the awful pesticide, I couldn't go out there. So my mom has been doing all my laundry again. It's taken several times of soaking and washing to get all the pesticide out of my laundry. It's been ridiculous!

In the midst of all this, I've still been detoxing like crazy. Toxins are coming out so fast (especially while I'm sleeping at night) that every evening I spend an hour or more detoxifying my bedroom - washing the wall next to my bed, mopping the floor, putting on clean bedding and curtains, etc. Because of all this, I haven't been able to get to bed til midnight or later most nights. Not a good thing for my body.

We have 5 air purifiers we rotate through the house, but my mom still coughs when she's near me (that's when you know you're detoxing a LOT). I'm thankful to be getting rid of more toxins, but at the moment the process feels pretty ridiculous!

I could go on about several other problems I'm dealing with right now, but I don't want to depress you. =) My mom said that she'd never have thought of doing laundry as a "trial." Trials are things like losing homes or jobs, or going through cancer, etc. And while those are awful things, I think "trials" aren't always the big catastrophes. Sometimes they're made up of so many small difficulties that life just feels overwhelming. I admit that's about how my mom and I feel right now. We'd sure appreciate your prayers.

Right now we're holding on to God's promises - that He won't gives us more than we can bear, that He's always with us, that He does work all things for our good somehow. He is still faithful, even when life is ridiculous.

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