Thursday, October 8, 2015

Things I Like About Living Naturally

Ok, so there are a lot of things about this EI life that are difficult, challenging, even ridiculous. But I don't want to forget that there are also things I appreciate about having to live naturally. Here are a few. =)

Things I like about living naturally...

- eating healthy, home cooked food (yum!)

- smelling like peppermint (from using peppermint essential oil) =)

- learning to appreciate simple pleasures in life

- not having to buy all kinds of hand soap, dish soap, body wash, facial cleanser, etc. (I just use baking soda for everything)

- having people complement me on the gray streaks in my hair because they look "sparkly" =) (seriously, it's happened twice!)

- not having to spend time deciding which shoes to wear with each outfit ( sport slides or black sport slides?)

- becoming a master at "repurposing" things

- lots of opportunities to use my creativity to find alternate solutions to problems

- being thankful for the "little" things that most people take for granted (like having a pillow for my head, water I can drink and clean laundry)

- meeting lots of great people who are also on this journey

- knowing that the patience and perseverance required for this life is building character in me =)

Ok, so I don't always feel thankful for that last one, but deep down I know it's a good thing. Of course we would all choose to have a perfect life if we could. But I've accepted that on this earth no life is perfect. I certainly wouldn't have chosen this EI life, but I am thankful for the benefits that come with it.

How about you? What things in your imperfect life are you thankful for?

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