Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Brain, Thoughts, and Health

"God designed the human mind with an absolutely breathtaking ability to change itself. We have a responsibility to use this power of free will well, to glorify him through the stewardship of our bodies and the rest of creation. To be made in the image of God, with the creative power of choice, is not just a nice idea to make you feel good about yourself, but a serious RESPONSIBILITY, an immense act of love on the part of a magnificent Creator." -Dr. Caroline Leaf

I've mentioned before how much I appreciate Dr. Caroline Leaf, a brilliant brain scientist and dedicated Christian. She now has a TV show where she covers so many helpful topics such as stress, toxic thinking, handling emotions, etc.

I love listening to her! I always come away with greater awe of God and greater hope for my own situation.

Here's the website where you can select past episodes of the show to watch. I think it's on TV every Wednesday in the USA, and air times are listed on the site for other countries as well.

I encourage you to take the time to watch one episode a week if you can. And please pass this great resource along to others!

Dr. Leaf also has a facebook page you can follow if you want to.

Our brains are amazing! I hope you'll be encouraged and inspired as you learn more about how to use your brain for good.

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