Monday, November 14, 2016

Simple Joys

Today on Day 5, I'm celebrating the simple joys in life!

 When we take time to look, we discover there are so many of them...

...getting a card in the mail
...finding something you needed on sale
...enjoying a piece of peppermint chocolate blooming
...hearing the birds singing
...children laughing
...time with family and friends
...a rainbow in the clouds
...enjoying a good book
...a song on the radio at just the time you needed to hear it
...a sweet dream that makes you awake with a smile on your face
...and so much more. 

In recent years I've learned to appreciate things I used to take for granted. I've learned to stop and pay attention more often. I've learned that life really is full of precious gifts and simple joys. Even in the trials, God graciously sends us little surprises and daily reminders of His love.

What simple joys are you grateful for today?


  1. Here are a few of my simple joys:
    Telling a funny joke that lands,
    Trying not to laugh in a situation that is supposed to be quiet,
    Listening to a good radio drama,
    Leaves in the fall,
    Playing hide and seek with the kids when you have "important" tasks to accomplish,
    Talking to an old friend,
    Talking to a new friend,
    Finding a solution to a difficult problem,
    Helping someone anonymously,
    Receiving unexpected help from someone,
    Seeing a friend get a miracle in a tough situation,
    Looking back, and suddenly realizing that God carried you through so much,
    Seeing the change that God has made in yourself,
    Seeing the change that God has made in someone that you love,
    So much to be thankful for.....

    1. Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing! =)