Thursday, January 12, 2017

Healthier Food Options

With the start of a new year, I know a lot of people are trying to eat healthier. Good for you! =) However, sometimes it's challenging to find healthy quick foods. So I thought I'd share a few of the ones I've discovered in the last year or so. Most of them I've found at Target, Walmart, or our local grocery store. I hope these options will be helpful for you. 

Snacks –

"Snackimals" is an organic animal cracker product. It comes in several flavors, but I only eat the Vanilla as it has the fewest ingredients and less sugar.

(Target, grocery store, health food store)

Cascadian Farm has organic soft-baked oat squares with either chocolate or blueberries. The ingredients and sugar amount are acceptable for me, so these have made a good snack when I need to grab something quickly. (Their granola bars and other snack products I haven't found to work for me.)

(Target, grocery store)

Chocolate –  

I used to order an expensive chocolate online because it was the only kind I could find without soy lecithin in it. Thankfully, I discovered another brand called "Equal Exchange" organic dark chocolate. It comes in several flavors but I only get the Panama (plain) or Mint because they have the fewest ingredients and least amount of sugar. 


Meats –
Applegate has natural or organic roasted turkey and roasted chicken deli meat. (I never buy "smoked" deli meat.) This is great because it doesn't have to be cooked, so I can just grab it when I need a quick meal. 

(Target, grocery store, health food store)

Another meat I like that isn't "quick" but still a good product is Laura's Lean beef. It's still my preferred brand though there are other grass-fed beef options available now. 


Tortillas –
Stacey's organic tortillas are a tasty product and great for quick meals. They have limited distribution, but they might be in a health food store near you. Check out their website for details.

Dairy - 

Grass-fed butter has many health benefits. I usually get the Kerry-gold brand, but there are other brands as well. 

(Walmart, Target, grocery store)

Organic Valley cheese comes in several options - shredded, block, mild cheddar, swiss, etc. I've done very well with this brand. 

(Target, grocery store, health food store)

Maple Hill Creamery has several organic dairy products. My favorite is the organic Greek yogurt that comes in Strawberry, Raspberry, Vanilla or Plain. It's my favorite because it has very few ingredients, low sugar, and good strains of probiotics. Our local Target was carrying it but recently discontinued this particular product. I think some health food stores still carry it.

I'm thankful that organic and natural products are more readily available now. Feel free to share some of your favorite healthy quick foods in the comments. =) 

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